Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gulf Coast or Dance Dance Revolution?

Are you ever ready? No, you're never ready or you never think you're really ready. I think I'm as ready as I was when I did my first half ironman but could you be better, bigger, badder, faster, stronger? Sure, but how much are you going to gain in a few weeks? Not enough to make any kind of difference. Truly, I think I'm ready for a vacation more than anything. I can't wait to get to the beach, feel the sand between my toes, drink some beers while we all sit listening to an ipod doing something that resembles a jig...see I'm looking forward to the day AFTER Gulf Coast rather than the race itself. If I think about the race, I'll puke. Kind of like last year when it was about a gazillion degrees and you could see the heat off the asphalt. When I was delirious at the finish line because my internal temp had to be well over 100 and my bra was filled with ice cubes (a very good look when wearing a white shirt). No, I prefer to remember it as a party with a triathlon thrown in for good measure. We danced until our feet hurt, some of us skinny dipped on the beach (???where are you gurl?), we listed to bad 80's music (that I love) at Spinnaker, ate some greasy fried seafood and played at the beach. When it was over, we had the t-shirt to prove it. Man, it's always a good time....

Monday, April 14, 2008


You know you didn't drink enough on the bike never even feel like you have to pee, the guys go three times and you go none, AND when you're done, you may just have peed a slushy. Not sure but it appears to be some strange concoction that Sonic mixed up. Yikes, well, note to self, even when it's cool out, drink. If you're known as Queen Littlebladder and you don't even feel like going once, start drinking. I'm sure the post race beer did a LOT to help the situation too. Hey, just getting ready for Gulf Coast. Do you know how many kegs they have at the race finish...mmmm, delicious beer.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Don't hurt your cooter bone!

In my effort to find the BEST tri set up, I have been testing out a wide variety of clothing pieces. I like my mid section to be covered and held in tightly to avoid as much jiggling as possible. This weekend, I tested out just a bathing suit. Not a tri bathing suit style, just my plain old suit, got out of the pool and onto the bike, no pad, no nothing. I am a fan of the one piece bathing suit because it fits all my criteria for coverage and is VERY 'free' feeling. All I could hear in my head was Marian yelling - Don't hurt your cooter bone! Well, thankfully, I did NOT hurt my cooter bone. THAT part was not a problem at all. I suppose all your parts just get used to it. I DID have chafing in an all new place, though. Always a nice treat in the shower. Then came the run, shoes and hat on, let's go. We went and not even a wedgie in site. I was fine with the whole situation...even though I was a little 'exposed.' I'm not big on top and I wasn't running that fast for it to matter so THAT was a non-issue as well. I'm just not sure that the families at the park are really sure of what they saw - other than a streaker or someone who just broke out of the nut house. I could do it for an oly or less. GCT, what to wear, back to the drawing board...but dear GOD, don't hurt your cooter bone.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Zone 1 or my Pride?

Let me preface this by saying that my Zone 1 for running is 111-133. I can fart and get into Zone 2, for crying out loud. So my schedule said Zone 1 'run' (that's funny) for 30 minutes yesterday. Knowing I would have to keep my HR low, I took Magnus with me. Even the DOG looked at me like - are you kidding me...this doesn't even constitute a good walk. THEN it happened, I hit a portion of my route where lots of people would see me AND I saw someone else running. This is the death blow for a Zone 1 run. It was over. I didn't want anyone to actually SEE me 'like that' or feel like I have to explain myself. Oh, I'm just on a recovery day. Why do we need to prove ourselves to the guy passing us in a car, smoking, while his belly touches the steering wheel??? Who knows but I DO know my pride got the best of me yesterday. Lesson learned, do YOUR workout and don't worry about anyone else. The dog will be happy either way. He doesn't know the difference, has NO pride (he licks himself in public and fancies rabbit turds as a snack), and still thinks YOU are the greatest thing ever...even in Zone 1.

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
A vision in green!