Tuesday, March 18, 2008

To pee or not to pee, that IS the question!

You know you've walked into the right crowd when the discussion revolves around 'how to pee on yourself during Ironman so you don't have to stop.' Poor Ryan always walks in on this discussion and says - you guys are talking about pee again. Apparently, it's a skill. It's also a skill that I don't have so I'm very intrigued. I've heard all the tricks - on the run, pour some water down your shorts as you go, it'll help you get the urge flowing and wash it off at the same time. You would think peeing during the swim would be easy. As soon as I stop, I can pee everywhere when I'm taking off my wet suit...you better watch out for your transition bag (I'm NOT kidding). So, I guess I'm a stop to pee kind of gal. As one of my lane mates said the other day, please let us know if you're going to try to 'practice' this skill and I'll be sure NOT to swim behind you. I guess that would be the considerate thing to do. Maybe I'll wait to practice at the lake...that place is just nasty anyway. Who would know the difference!?

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TriSonq said...


Just caught you from Lana's page. Just want to say hi that I like your blog. Interesting and Funny!

Ain't this fun?!?

See you at the races.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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