Monday, March 10, 2008

Is it really getting easier?

I can't decide if it's just getting easier or if I'm just used to it now. I remember last year, training for my first half ironman (Vineman), and thinking that the training schedule was a difficult one. Well, I'm either just used to the schedule or I actually like 4hour bike rides! Not sure which. Certainly, you become an expert in 'scheduling' and how to manage a schedule so you can get everything in. For me, that just means getting up ~4:30 everyday. You see a lot if you're out running at ~5am - the food trucks making deliveries, occasionally a cop, but the one that gets me every time is the guy at the self service car wash! Who is he and why does he need to wash and vacuum his car at 5am? I'm always leery of that, too much Soprano's or Pulp Fiction, I guess. Hell, he's probably thinking the same thing...I saw that girl 30 minutes ago...what the hell is she doing running at this hour? Just getting it all in man - and hope that I don't step on a rock that I can't see.

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Lana said...

Hey Missy! It's Lana - from swim class. My sister told me about your blog - I love it! I'm doing the Gulf Coast Half and IMFL, too - it's my first too.

Looks like your training is going great! I totally agree with you about those vacuuming out there cars at the car wash before daylight...I keep wondering "ugh, what on earth was in there that needed to be cleaned so badly?!?!" Crazy!!! We have those dudes down in Manchester, too, though.

Talk to ya later - Happy Training!!

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IronMissy - it's official!
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