Saturday, March 29, 2008

In the Rain?

So if Ryan can drive at a gazillion miles an hour in the rain (today) ...why can't I ride? I have good safety equipment too. Maybe I'm just a wimp and YES, I know, you may just have to race in the rain so you should train when you need to. BUT, if training in the damp cold means getting sick for yet another week, is it worth it just to get the hours in? I hate to do it but in favor of staying well and not having oblivious motorists see a bike in the rain, I will get on my stinkin' trainer...The number #2 piece of hated equipment right behind that damn snorkel.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A First for me....

This was ME yesterday eve!
It was a first for me...I ran to the track, did my speed workout (I use that term loosely), and started to run home when my stomach started to churn. I'm a little over a mile from the High School so I figured I could make it home, since the other option was an ancient PortaPotty at the tennis courts. As an older coworker once told me, 'when you're over 50, never trust a fart.' (This was one of his three rules to live by.) It was at this very moment I heard his voice in my head. I knew I was in trouble. So, if you saw me running home yesterday, it was with good was really more of a penguin waddle. ...I made it! I have NEVER been so happy to see my front door in all my life. AND I will NEVER skip a PortaPotty again.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

To pee or not to pee, that IS the question!

You know you've walked into the right crowd when the discussion revolves around 'how to pee on yourself during Ironman so you don't have to stop.' Poor Ryan always walks in on this discussion and says - you guys are talking about pee again. Apparently, it's a skill. It's also a skill that I don't have so I'm very intrigued. I've heard all the tricks - on the run, pour some water down your shorts as you go, it'll help you get the urge flowing and wash it off at the same time. You would think peeing during the swim would be easy. As soon as I stop, I can pee everywhere when I'm taking off my wet better watch out for your transition bag (I'm NOT kidding). So, I guess I'm a stop to pee kind of gal. As one of my lane mates said the other day, please let us know if you're going to try to 'practice' this skill and I'll be sure NOT to swim behind you. I guess that would be the considerate thing to do. Maybe I'll wait to practice at the lake...that place is just nasty anyway. Who would know the difference!?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Is it really getting easier?

I can't decide if it's just getting easier or if I'm just used to it now. I remember last year, training for my first half ironman (Vineman), and thinking that the training schedule was a difficult one. Well, I'm either just used to the schedule or I actually like 4hour bike rides! Not sure which. Certainly, you become an expert in 'scheduling' and how to manage a schedule so you can get everything in. For me, that just means getting up ~4:30 everyday. You see a lot if you're out running at ~5am - the food trucks making deliveries, occasionally a cop, but the one that gets me every time is the guy at the self service car wash! Who is he and why does he need to wash and vacuum his car at 5am? I'm always leery of that, too much Soprano's or Pulp Fiction, I guess. Hell, he's probably thinking the same thing...I saw that girl 30 minutes ago...what the hell is she doing running at this hour? Just getting it all in man - and hope that I don't step on a rock that I can't see.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Best Friends on the Planet!

I have the best friends on the planet. Why or how do I know this, you may ask. Well, my friends adjust their 'lives' so that we can go on 3 1/2 hour bike rides. Keep in mind, these are non-tri people - some are adventure racers, speedskaters and mountain bikers - but THEY want all of us to ride together, so, they adjust to fit my training schedule.

Besides that, here's what defines a good road warrior friend:
  • You can blow snot rockets all day long and they don't care...unless you tag them with it.
  • They sing you bad 80's songs when you're feeling a little bit spent.
  • You can bonk on a ride and they'll call their mom to pick you up.
  • They bring extra toe warmers for those sub 40 degree rides when you think your hands and feet might fall off.
  • You can count on them for the duration, barring anything crazy. They won't bail early and make sure you get 'the time' in the saddle that you need.
  • They'll 'guard you' when you're trying to pee while cars are driving by.
  • Last, but not least, a good road warrior friend knows where you keep the peanut butter for mid-ride pit stops at the house...they also know that the dawgs get to lick the knife when you're done with it!

Long rides are up to 3:30 already and long runs are at 1:45. My legs are fried today but thankfully, not my mind (yet). We're rolling now and feeling good. Gulf Coast, here we come - May 10!

I was reminded again of what constitutes a good road warrior friend...they let you borrow their sports bra when you forget yours without batting an eye. Give it a sniff, tell you that it's either clean or dirty, you tell them you don't care because beggars can't be choosers! Thanks Rebecca.

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
A vision in green!