Friday, February 8, 2008

Swim, Swam, Swum

I think swimming may just be overtaking cycling as my new fav. Even though your head is underwater, you’re with your friends, at the pool, laughing between sets and trying to chase ‘that guy’ or in our case, ‘that girl’ who is so stinkin’ fast. How DO they get through the water like a fish without gills and fins? I don’t know but I’ll keep trying (and watching them underwater to try and figure it out). Swimming in a pool is not like swimming in open water but we like to play leap frog during practice, just to be sure we keep up with our swim derby/water orgy skills. You better be careful…you don’t want to get pregnant! As it goes – foot tap just to let you know that you better take a deep breath, ankle, knee, back, dunk and swim over. It’s actually not a bad idea to practice this since there’s no other way to get used to being pulled backwards underwater. Now, if I can just practice swimming in a VORTEX.

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Abby said...

We could always arrange a good cluster f*ck for practice so we can get used to the craziness we are going to experience on November 1. Yikes!!!! 10 months... it's less than the gestation period of an elephant!

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IronMissy - it's official!
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