Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Drama, et al...

What spurs drama - cliques, he said/she said, gossip, misunderstandings? Maybe all of these things spur drama. Who needs the smack talk, really? Smack talkers are usually the one's that are not in the top three overall or age group's generally someone in the top third or so who feels the need to express or prove their superiority to the 'rest of us.' What would possess someone to talk it up around town about how they're going to kick your butt next year OR you're not that great of a swimmer OR what-EVER! This is mind boggling to me. I'm not good at ANYTHING enough to talk smack about you or anyone else. Maybe I'm a faster swimmer but you'll kick my ass all over the run. So WHAT? Do I need to tell you or anyone else for that matter? C'mon people, results are posted on line for the world to see. Work hard, do your best, I hope YOU place, I hope you get the reward you were looking for out of this adventure - be it personal satisfaction or a slot to Kona. Suffice it to say, if it's your first Ironman, I strongly suggest you keep your mouth have NO clue what to expect. I don't know what to expect. I just know that I've got a lot of work ahead of me. I also know that I have 16 hours and 59 minutes available to me on D-Day. I may not need all of them but you just never know.
P.S. Look at everyone WE know that almost always wins, places, goes to Kona, gets hardware...I don't hear them 'talking' very much. Coincidence?

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I would love to know the answer to this there ANY woman in this world who is not totally self-critical? I swear to you, it's an obsession. WHY can't we just be happy with what we've got? Believe me, I can not be absolved of this obsession either. For most women it's:
  • My hair is too curly.
  • My hair it too straight.
  • My legs are too short.
  • My boobs are too small.
  • My ass is too wide.

For triathlete women, it sounds something more like:

  • I'm not a good swimmer.
  • I'm not a very fast cyclist.
  • Don't wait for me on the run - I'll be at the end.
  • Does my ass look too big in these little, itty, bitty shorts?
  • I can't wear that top, my gut hangs out the bottom.
  • Is my ass eating the bike seat or what?
  • Do I have back fat when I wear this tri-top? Back fat, yes people, the new obsession when wearing a tight tri top or sports bra, believe it.
  • I finished third in my race today...out of three.

Why do we not see what the rest of the world sees? The truth IS, men don't care if you're a little soft around the middle. As Ryan says, women are SUPPOSED to be a little soft - show me a woman that is 'rock hard' and THAT'S A MAN BABY. (See why I keep him?) Anyway, it's so convoluted and twisted that it's hard to see our way out of our body image obsession. Now, believe me when I say that we should ALL dress for our size and shape (go to any Walmart for good examples). I have legs to my armpits, I can't look like Betsy or Ashley or (fill in other name here), I never will. Here's some good, positive options I want to hear all you chickies using:

  • I finished third in my race today (period). If some jackass really wants to get funny with you, they'll look it up on-line. Screw them, they spent the day on the couch.
  • I think I'll go for the more conservative top - I'm long waisted (much better than my gut hangs out).
  • Do you have a map of the ride or run, in case I can't hold onto the pack (not I'm slow, I suck)?
  • (Personal favorite) - Hey baby, fat floats and your dense little bod is going to sink like the Titanic OR I just like to be buoyant!

Go to any race and see every single shape and size known to man. An Ironman is an Ironman...I don't care what you're shaped like. The next time you hear someone whining in the locker room - just say, we're great, look what we did today? I bet they just look at you and don't say a loss for words.

Beautiful Gurlz!

Monday, December 10, 2007

You know you've got it bad when...

You know you've got it bad when...

  • You forgo new work clothes because you really need a new swimsuit - but you're really looking more like the duffel bag you live out of rather than someone who belongs in the workplace.
  • You go to bed on a Friday nite at 9:00 because you have to get up at 4:30 to 'get it all in' - not to mention, do something that resembles work.
  • You ask for race registrations for Christmas rather than a real, honest gift that you can open (this makes people REAL happy).
  • You refuse to cut your hair because it's just another ~$50 that I could use towards (fill in the blank here) - tubes, new tires, helmet, new shoes etc.

... But realistically, you must. Otherwise, like all things, it'll be here before you know it and you're not ready. SO, I'll continue to work on assembling my calendar for the year. Hope to see you all on the road soon or in the water. Next up, one hour swim at the Maryland Farms YMCA in January. Let's get ready!

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
A vision in green!