Monday, November 12, 2007

My people...

And so, the journey plans, a coach, multiple coaches, new shoes, new tights, new's always something. With all that 'stuff' and all that gear, it just boils down to training and will power. For those that know me, will power is something that comes 'easy' - relatively speaking. Now, if the body will just hold up! That will be the key to this whole master plan.

It is with each run or solo ride that I think about all the people who have inspired me, supported me, and stood with me. That is not always easy because I'm not always easy to be around...I get "angry hungry" and "angry tired." As you can imagine, Dear Husband (DH) gets the brunt of that. But when you have so much time on the road, you have all kinds of time to think and I like to think about people. Like....

My Mom - the person with whom all of this is possible, with whom I'd never be doing this, with whom I run to and run from during all those miles. Mom's been gone ~9 years now and it seems like yesterday and 100 years ago all at the same time. I run to remember what her voice sounded like and I run away so I don't have to face it. She's my guiding light that protects me on the road at 5:00am or riding at 8:00pm.

My Dad - the person who I am most certain believes I have lost my mind but with every extra mile supports me every inch of the way. He is proud of me but very tentative because he worries. I'm not sure but he might secretly follow me on my bike at night just to make sure I'm OK. Even if he's not, he's right there with me with a smile that speaks 1,000 words.

My training partners and coaches -
To Angie, who, for some crazy reason, is excited about OUR Ironman. See, Angie is the most fun, most upbeat, positive person I've ever met. She - Miss "I don't get out of bed before 8am" - is excited about all the long bike rides this year. Do I tell her that the summer rides start at 6:00AM or should I wait? I think I'll wait.
To Dee, without her support and encouragement I would have never made it back into the pool. Who knew you could meet such a dear friend in the portapotty line and with whom you don't mind getting lost on a 113 mile bike ride?
To Ashley the bestest swim coach ever - without your help I'd still just be doing pointless laps with no earthly idea what was going on and with whom I love to share rides to Florida. You can really get to know a person over ~8 hours.
To Nick - THEE most positive encouraging person I know. He gets points for being "the nicest man in America" and actually saying to me - Well, you run about my pace so why don't you hook up with us for a run? - I've never seen Nick's pace because he's so stinkin' fast.
To Jerry - My favorite Vine-MAN and life balancer. For all the talks in the grotto about how this really ISN'T all that I am and keeping the rest of your life balanced. I will keep things in perspective and know what is really important. And thanks for Aunt Tater...I have one now too.
To Abby - Why else would I get out of bed at 4:30am on a Friday if I didn't know you were going to be at swim!?! I mean really, 4:30 is not quite human but it will be the only time we can fit all this in. I thank you in advance for holding me to our 'extra' Friday swim. We are going to make it through this thing no matter what it takes!
To Jere - My lane partner, 5X Ironman and twisted older brother I always wish I had. Thanks for listening to all my stupid questions and supporting me in my, "beer IS a good recovery drink" theory. There will be MANY more opportunities to test our theory!
To Chris - The other half of Angie, thanks for A) Lending me Angie for gazillion mile bike rides and B) for getting the truck quickly the nite of my wreck. You were the first person I remember seeing and Angie is the first one I felt. You guys are the best.
To Andy - I live by your motto - a slow run is STILL faster than a fast walk, keep moving forward. I'm no runner but these are words to live by in the 11th hour when your feet feel like hamburger meat.
To Betsy - I know you would be here with me IF Sloan baby #1 wasn't on the way. April 2 will be a great day. Thanks for all the fun pool times, you make me laugh hard and THAT is what is truly important in life for sure.

Last, but certainly not least, Ryan. From, I don't want to ride more than 25 miles to I don't want to ride less than 25 miles, I thank you most sincerely for putting all those miles in with me both on and off the bike. For all the meals you eat alone because I'm at swim or the lake and for all the times you go out alone because I need to get a good nites rest for tomorrow's work out(s), I can't thank you enough. I am grateful that you 'get it.' For teaching me how to change my tube in less than 15 minutes to making me a better climber (still not great but I'll keep working on it) to teaching me the value of 'clean equipment,' I wouldn't have made it here without you. I know you don't think anyone should run over 13 miles...ever, but I promise to listen to my body and be careful.

And tomorrow, we ride, new super duper headlight and all, we ride in the winter, we ride in the to get in those miles.

I love you guys!

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IronMissy - it's official!
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