Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Like Having a Baby, or so they say

I've never had a baby so I can not say with certainty that an Ironman is like having a baby but other people who have had babies say it is and I will trust them on that! With that in mind, here are my baby having experiences so far, and I haven't even really started yet, I'm just starting out here. I'm sure it'll get worse.

#1. They want to rub or belly...or they just want to call you out in a crowd of people at a party, say, and then the grilling begins. When's it due, read, when is it? How far along are you, read, how far again? Are you taking the mommy and me class, read, how do you get ready for THAT? Why do you want to do this, read, why do you want to do this?

#2. Horror stories - many a mommy have told me that once you tell people you're pregs, it's game on for every horror story in the book. I was in labor for 48 hours and THEN had a C-Section or you should have seen the (fill in your own blank here). So, I was at my allergy and asthma doc yesterday when he had to tell me about how he got kicked in the eye (hard) during IM Wisconsin 2006 Swim and lost a contact...and the other one rolled up into his head...and how his eye was swollen shut the whole time and oozing unknown green fluid on the bike and run. OK, I love this doc but I really didn't need to know he almost 'died' in the process. Of course, he's OK but he just wanted to tell me to pack extra contacts in my transition bags, right?

#3. All for one day. All year long, you get your body ready for it and it's over, in just one day.

Well, I've started looking at the schedule and it's a bit daunting, the hours, the miles. Next up, Gulf Coast Triathlon, Panama City Beach, FL. Who's in? Let's hope it's just not as hot in 2008. The only thing I could think of last year was ICE ICE BABY, give me ICE and let me dive into it...and I only did the run. Jeeze.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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